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If you are looking to develop or begin a career in Marketing, you may want to have a look at what the marketing world has to offer. Since the launch and success of social media platforms, many more job roles are opening to enhance companies into the spotlight. With the various areas of Marketing, along with sales for commercial and bespoke companies, as a professional, marketing and sales is what drives companies forward, to achieve their goals and maintain a strong image.


Sales can target individual customers to gain an interest in your company. Marketing sales can include incentives such as:

  • Competitions
  • Package Deals
  • Collaborations with other Companies
  • Charity Sponsorship & Support
  • Card Schemes

Responsibilities of sales can include; developing strategies, involvement with external companies and a confident and knowledgeable understanding of the company ethics and aims.


Digital Marketing covers various digital channels such as mobile phone apps, SMS, internet sites, Email campaigns and SEO (search engine optimization).

Duties include:

  • working with companies to devise marketing strategies
  • handling budgets
  • liaising with design agencies or departments
  • writing copy for targeted e-mails
  • analysing and interpreting results

Social Media

All the time, different tools are being introduced to social media, enhancing the wonders of the web and connecting businesses globally. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and BlogSpot/Word press have become hubs for networking and branding an easy, affordable and contemporary cost. Incentives, research and directly targeting your audience is achieved by promoting companies. Social marketing also focuses on behaviour campaigns.

PR & Advertising

In order to communicate a products value, the company focuses son the public relations area and public image. The messages communicated through the company values, activities and achievements affect and enhance the aesthetic of the brand.


This involves includes market research, research and development, production, distribution, advertising and sales. Brand, or product, management is devoted to conceptualizing products and getting them to market. Branding management includes market research, research and development, production, distribution, advertising and sales.

Market Research

A lot of market research held by companies can be executed manually with a directive input. Product sampling, endorsements and surveys from the public can help associate what target group the company should be marketing.

Duties include:

  • consulting clients about project requirements and objectives
  • designing research methods such as interviews and questionnaires
  • agreeing timescales and budgets
  • supervising staff
  • monitoring work progress
  • writing reports
  • analysing, translating and presenting results

This article was written on behalf of the STR Group, a recruitment solution company specialist in marketing jobs.

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